Music Review: Powerwolf: CD: Preachers of the Night


Label: Napalm Records

Available: July 19th, 2013

Official Websites


                The Gregorian Chanting, Latin laced power metal band Powerwolf returns hot off the heels of their previous album, ‘With the Blood of the Saints’ which was a really big success for the band with their hit song, ‘We Drink Your Blood’.  Now we have a new album from Powerwolf titled, ‘Preachers of the Night’ that sticks with the Catholic Church gone Metal motif and musical styling.  So do Powerwolf deliver a hellfire sermon with ‘Preachers of the Night’ worthy of a Puritan damning the unfaithful to hell or am I left colder than a dead hooker in a car trunk?  Well, they may not be drinking my blood this time around but they do leave me for a lust for blood!  Crack open your metal bibles people and prepare for ‘Preachers of the Night’!

As I mentioned, Powerwold had a big hot with their song ‘We Drink Your Blood’ from their previous album and hit on a pretty cool image thing with the Roman Catholic imagery with a horror slant and debauchery.  So, with ‘Preachers of the Night’ Powerwolf offers the listener more of the same thing they are known for.  The big epic CHURCH sound, organ music, macabre religious imagery and some damn catchy songs are all here on ‘Preachers of the Night’.  Now, I don’t think I heard a song as catchy as ‘We Drink Your Blood’ but we have some that are pretty close.  One song, ‘Sacred & Wild’ sounds the closest to ‘We Drink Your Blood’ and could be a single along with ‘Coleus Sanctus’.

‘Preachers of the Night’ is a big and verbose Power Metal album with a heavy dose horror inspired religious imagery which I really enjoy.  You have a lot of song titles that are in Latin, you have a very theatrical band with both their sound and imagery and you have all the ingredients of a power metal band.  Now, I can see how Powerwolf may not be for everyone as the BIG sound can get a little overbearing with eleven tracks and for people that like their metal with no frills or over the top stuff Powerwolf may turn you off.   Regardless though I think if you can listen to even a few songs even the more resistant fans of metal will find something to like.

So brothers and sister of metal, I Preacher Fowler, implore you to go out and convert to the teachings of Powerwolf and behold the majestic glory of ‘Preachers of the Night’!!!





Attila Dorn – Vocals
Matthew Greywolf – Guitar
Charles Greywolf – Guitar
Falk Maria Schlegel – Organ
Roel van Helden – Drums

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