Ahhh…day 2 brought in cooler temperatures and cloudy skies(which makes for great photos) and a new group of bands!!!  So how did day 2 live up compared to day 1?  Did it let me down and hurt my feelings or did rock like a hurricane!  Well it didn’t rain so there wasn’t a hurricane but it did rock!!!  Read on!!!

Day 2 fell on a Saturday so Tuska had a full slate of bands to choose from and this was the heaviest day for bands.

Samy of Lost Sociey
Samy of Lost Sociey

So this day I start out with my boys from Lost Society on the MAIN STAGE where they belong!  This makes the third time I have seen Lost Society and this by far was the best performance from them, not that they were ever bad but they sounded GREAT here.  And as always the band is so energetic on stage it’s hard to comprehend how they can still play and move around like they do.  I spoke with Ossi the drummer after the show and he said he actually was trying to play SLOWER than he usually does so he wouldn’t mess up?!!? I couldn’t believe it.  For anyone who hasn’t hear Lost Society yet go out and buy their debut album ‘Fast, Loud, Death’.  If you like Thrash Metal and the old school way it is done and sounds THIS IS THE BAND FOR YOU!  Great job guys and I’m happy to see you be able to get on the Main Stage at Tuska you deserve it!  Truly one of the highlights of the day and festival overall.

Next up is Soilwork.  I know these dudes have been around for some time and have a strong following but for me this band left me a little cold.  The bass player had an impressive beard and looked like the wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duncan so I guess he get’s points for that?  Moving on…

I jumped in the club stage area to catch Dr. Living Dead!  I had no idea what to expect…so what I got was dudes in Skulls dressed like a skater band such as Suicidal Tendencies but sounding really awesome!  I have to say I was really impressed with what I heard and want to check them out and I recommend you do as well.

Next up for me was German Thrash Titans Kreator.  Kreator have their new album out, ‘Phantom Anitchrist’ which I thought was a really strong album on their part.  I got to interview Sami before the show and he is a really nice dude and the band playing live did a super job and sounded really great.  I want to go back and listen to more Kreator stuff as I’m a new listener.  If you haven’t listened to ‘Phantom Antichrist’ yet I implore you to do so as it is a very strong album.

Sami of Kreator
Sami of Kreator
Alex Skolnick of Testament
Alex Skolnick of Testament

Now we come to the big daddy of the day…TESTAMENT!!!  They were the headliner for day 2 for a reason.  These dudes are touring in support of their album, ‘Dark roots of Earth’ and they have not lost a step in any way.  Alex Skolnick is a freaking master on guitar and the sound the band had was crystal clear.  You could hear every member of the band and the wall of sound was truly there with everything being heard perfectly.  Chuck Billy was spitting hate in his vocals and Skolnick’s guitar work was amazing!  True Thrash legends at work and well deserved of the main stage!   Mosh Pit’s and Wall’s of Death were present!

Overall day 2 lived up to day 1 and it really  was a fantastic day for shows!  Next up..day 3!!!

Day 1 Report HERE

Day 3 Report HERE

Day 2 Bands:

  • Soul Thrower
  • Lost Society
  • Baltimor
  • Black City
  • Soilwork
  • Ratface
  • Bloodred Hourglass
  • We Butter the Bread With Butter
  • Delirium’s Order
  • Von
  • Dr. Living Dead
  • Whispered
  • Kreator
  • Lama
  • Urfaust
  • Dark Buddha Rising
  • Testament

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