King Diamond
King Diamond

Tuska.  The Heavy Metal Mecca of Finnish Metal Festivals.  Anyone who is a metal head in Europe knows this festival and it is one of the premiere metal festivals of Europe and the top metal festival for Finland.  For me this is the first time I have been able to attend the festival and was looking really forward to seeing what the Tuska Festival had to offer.  So what did I find?  Did I get disappointed and shit my pants or was it everything I had hoped for?  Well it exceeded all expectations…read on!

DAY 1:

Before I get started I have to inform everyone that there was no way I could cover all bands.  The festival contained about 40 bands and I am the only one there really doing the reporting. So that being said, keep in mind I could not get to every band, so I apologize if I missed a band you were looking forward to hearing about.

The first band I got to see and listen to was on the club stage, which in some ways had the better lighting for photos since it was inside but for some reason there wasn’t a photo pit though I think there would have been room if they moved the barrier back just a little but oh well.  The band I got to see was Leprous.  I can’t say this band did much for me.  It was a keyboard driven band with the singer also playing keys.  I would say they were the least metal of the bands to perform at Tuska I had the opportunity to see and they didn’t really leave much of an impression with me.

Next up on the Inferno Stage was Abhorrence.  This was a band I had never heard of or had any clue about.  They are a band that has a very Death Metal vocal and musical style with a bass player that engages the crowd and a singer that looks like he has maniac eyes.  Also, I was really surprised by this band and thought they put on a super great show and think they deserve a better listen from me and by YOU!  So check them out when you get the chance.

Now we have Wintersun on the main stage.  This is a very popular band here in Finland and elsewhere.  Power Metal with a rougher style of vocals.  I will admit, I’m a power metal guy and WinerSun put on a very energetic show and the people LOVED them.  For me personally they didn’t really grab my attention though.  I may need to listen to them a bit more because they really light up the crowd and play their music really well.  Also, like I said they really had the crowd by the throat and everyone was enjoying them.

Now we come to Dreamtale.  This is a band I am somewhat familiar with but not an expert on.  Again, I was back at the Club Stage.  I am left wondering why Dreamtale wasn’t on at least the Inferno Stage!  What a show they put on!!  Super Fantastic!  Great singer, great songs and fantastic performance!   The songs they played were super catchy and fun and the singer was amazing!  I really hope to one day get to see them again on a bigger stage.  One of the highlights of Tuska! Well done guys!

Back at the Main Stage I went to check out Bolt Thrower.  I remember Bolt Thrower being around back when I was in college but always kind of avoided them since they weren’t Iron Maiden.  After seeing them live WOW what another great band and great sound.  The singer really knew how to be a front man for a band and work the crowd.  Also he seemed like a really funny guy and would pose for the photographer.  When we all had to leave the photo pit he told us all goodbye and have fun.  Hahaha…funny dude and Bolt Thrower did awesome at the show.

Now we come to Amorphis….and…well…not for me.  This band is extremely popular in metal but they just didn’t do anything for me and honestly I can’t remember much about their show??  So…sorry?

Now back at the Main Stage we come to the headliner for Day 1.  KING DIAMOND.  Now, I had never been a fan of Mercyful Fate or King Diamond in the past.  As a band they had everything I could hope for, the horror lyrics, the imagery and the great music..but the vocals of Diamond always turned me off…they were too high and honestly I thought not too good.  Well let me just say, I have a WHOLE NEW RESPECT for King Diamond now.  The show was absolutely fantastic and sounded great.  Diamond’s vocals were awesome and the songs were awesome.  Also the backdrop of the stage was really cool with upside down crosses and the pentagram.  The only thing I didn’t like was the iron fence they set up at the front of the stage that the band members stayed behind.  Made it tough for photos though I guess it helped add to the theme of the songs…some.  But other than that King Diamond ruled this day well done King!

Day 2 Report HERE

Day 3 Report HERE

Day 1 Bands:

  • Leprous
  • Tesseract
  • Cut to Fit
  • Abhorrence
  • Tombstoned
  • Wintersun
  • Dreamtale
  • Ihsahn
  • Torture Killer
  • Bolt Thrower
  • Koolmanlaakso
  • Amorphis
  • Seremonia
  • King Diamond

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