OZZY OSBOURNE Talks About The Future Of BLACK SABBATH – “It Depends On Tony”

BLACK SABBATH legends Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler talk to Andrew Perry from Telegraph.co.uk about a number of topics including the success of the band’s new album, 13 and how long this reunion will last.

Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Ozzy on 13 topping the charts in the UK, US, Canada, Germany and more: “I knew it was a fucking good album, but when somebody just told me it’s gone top in fifty countries – I didn’t know there were fifty countries, and I’m number one in all of them! I’m just devastated.”

Ozzy on Sabbath first attempting to record together eleven years ago: “(It failed) because of my ego – I was riding on this fucking cloud of being television’s new megastar for five minutes. I was doing well on my own, so it took me a while to get that balanced out in my head. I mean, it’s not Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath. It’s fucking Black Sabbath. It’s different from me doing my own thing.”

13 ends as Black Sabbath’s debut began with thunderstorms and showers. Is this the end?

Ozzy: “It depends on Tony. At the moment, we’re doing so many weeks on the road, then he has to go back for more treatment. He’s had chemo and radiotherapy, and now he’s on a thing to boost his immune system. I really hope it’s gone for good. I’m sure it has. But you never know with that stuff.”

Read more at Telegraph.co.uk.

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