Heavy Metal Television becomes local news story and most Google-able heavy metal site



Go ahead and Google the words “heavy” and “metal” in tandem and you’ll find that out of the 243,000,000 results this day in June 2013, Heavy Metal Television comes in at the top 1,000th of a percent, at number 21! That’s before any heavy metal publication, before any heavy metal group, before VH1s That Metal Show, before any heavy metal radio station, album or record label. The only nonsense to nudge Heavy Metal Television out of the Top 20 are links related to that 1981 Heavy Metal movie and a few toxicology reports on weighty alloys.

Unlike its uncharacteristically quiet launch in 2012, HeavyMetalTelevision.com has been making a lot of noise as of late.  In March, it accrued hundreds of thousands of unique hits from all over the world, with 8,000 new ones in that month alone. And this viewership was achieved with zero dollars spent on advertising, no press coverage and even less hype.

Now local news outlets have started to take a look at this groundbreaking story where technology meets fist pumping sludge, right here in Phoenix, one of the top 10 media outlets in US. This week Heavy Metal Television founder Eric Braverman visited Paul Horton and the Channel 5 Morning News team for a thoughtful interview (click here).

Also, Channel 12 News’ Doug Meehan stopped by a veejay shoot at Asylum Records in Tempe for a filmed morning news segment (click here).

“People are finally realizing what they have here in Heavy Metal Television,” says Braverman.  “We’re not charging labels and bands. We are trying to give bands a new place and way to expose and promote their music where they don’t have to compete with dancing cats. Most importantly, we’re offering the whole cable TV, dish experience on the internet for free, without logins, passwords or costly extra boxes and installation fees. And now that people are finally understanding this concept and responding in kind, we’re able to go out in the community and plan a lot of fun Heavy Metal Television events and raise our profile even more.”

“Heavy Metal Television,” he promises, “has just begun to spread its black demon wings!”

Watch your favorite metal vids here: http://www.heavymetaltelevision.com/

Photo caption: Heavy Metal Television Comes to Mainstream TV. Channel 12 news anchor Doug Meeghan (far right) visits a Heavy Metal Television veejay shoot at  Asylum Records in Tempe.  From left to right: Asylum Records owner Scott Robenalt, veejays Mercedes, Meagan and Suzie, HMTV creative director Josh Martinez, Doug Meegham, and HMTV founder Eric Braverman..

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