DOUBLE REVIEW: Misanthrope Count Mercyful – Just Hate CD and Misanthrope Count Mercyful – Reincarnation Of Chaos DVD

Label: Misanthrophobia






by: Juuso Viljanen



After reviewing Russian groove metal band Misanthrope Count Mercyful’s latest album ‘World Without A Face’ I got contacted by the band itself. They thanked me for reviewing their album and asked if I could review their previous album and their DVD. There was no need to think about it any more than one second. Of course I would review them. Let’s get first to the album ‘Just Hate’.

‘Just Hate’ was released in October 2012. Since I reviewed first their latest album ‘World Without A Face’, it’s easy to hear the increasing skill of the band. ‘Just Hate’ is all about the same groovy modern metal than the latest album.

By listening to the guitar sound you can tell that it’s MCM playing. They’ve had this crunchy guitar tone that gives a little brutality to their riffs. Songs have nice grooves and killer riffs with rough vocals by Sergey “Misanthrope” Miloserdniy. It’s easy to keep listening these 36 minutes of metal over and over again, but there is something missing…

‘Just Hate’ could be heavier. It is definately metal, but it’s lacking something extra to give it an extra punch. Music becomes easily just a background noise which is easy just keep listening to, but focusing on it is difficult. If comparing this album and the new album ‘World Without A Face’, I’d say the new one is way better. ‘Just Hate’ is like a fist-sized rock: it’s hard at first, but once you get deeper and deeper into it, it appears to be hollow. It’s not an awful album, but still won’t make it into my favourite albums.
RATING: 2 / 5


 Then moving on to the DVD called ‘Reincarnation Of Chaos’. It includes live material from three different festivals, music videos (or clips, as the dvd says), some bootleg material, photo gallery and info about the band and the members.

Sound quality on the live material isn’t perfect. You can hear each instrument well and have no problem enjoying watching the shows, but you just keep wishing the sound quality was a bit better. The DVD was made in 2010, so the shows include songs from their first albums ‘Life Is Gone’ and ‘Last Living Man’. By watching the shows and after then listening to their newest album, you can tell that band has grown a lot. They’ve got more skill and vision for better songs.


The photo gallery doesn’t have too many “professional” photos in it. It’s mainly just fan pictures from the shows and bands own photos from the studio. The bootleg material has poor sound and video quality, but there’s only two bootleg songs on the DVD so it won’t be too big of a part of the DVD.

It’s rare for a band to publish a DVD after two albums. I don’t know how much the band has toured outside Russia, but by publishing ‘Reincarnation Of Chaos’ they’ve given the world a warning about their potential. Now if the band keeps publishing new albums, songs and making perhaps another DVD (I really hope they do), it will be a much more professional package in every single way.
‘Reincarnation Of Chaos’ is a good DVD about a small Russian band, that are working their asses off to get to conquer the world of metal. On the DVD the band is still young, video quality isn’t too good and the same songs are played on every show recorded, but still it’s enjoyable entertainment. It’s nice to see that even underground bands are willing to make a DVD helping them to reach the bigger stages and bigger fan bases.


RATING: 3 / 5


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