IRON MAIDEN – Bruce Dickinson’s Cardiff Aviation In Discussions To Set Up Airline

Legendary IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson spoke with James Quinn from Yahoo! Finance UK on how to juggle rock music and aviation and a new beer.

For a man whose fortune is estimated to be in excess of $100 million, Dickinson does not need to work, let alone juggle the creation of a new airline and aircraft maintenance business with the demands of a 36-date world tour during which he will play to a combined audience of some 1.5 million in 30 different countries.

“The reason I do all the things I do now is because I love them. Life is too short to do the things you don’t love doing,” says Dickinson. “If your only arbiter of anything is money, really you should… go and rob banks.”

His Cardiff Aviation is also in discussions with the Civil Aviation Authority about setting up an airline.

“Subject to approvals, we’ll be in the air within the next 50 days,” he beams. “Clearly that fits with the maintenance both operations need each other.”

The plan is to start with three private jets, before sourcing some regional jets, and then working towards some larger, full passenger jets.

“The next stage is rebuilding Astraeus, but with proper governance. The market is ripe for an outsourcing airline that provides extra capacity. We want to provide British jobs, British pilots and British-operated aircraft.”

Dickinson is gearing for select dates with Maiden around the world, which he will use to promote the band’s new Trooper beer, which Dickinson himself spent six weeks tasting and sampling at Robinsons Brewery in Stockport until he was happy with the flavour.

“It’s going to be in 10,000 pubs next week,” he says, citing JD Wetherspoon, Enterprise Inns and Punch Taverns as pub companies who have signed up to take deliveries. “I had no interest in a limited edition, slap-a-label-on-it beer,” says Dickinson, who estimates that in a fortnight, some 1m pints of the beer called Trooper after one of the band’s songs will have been sold. “It’s the fastest beer they’ve ever produced,” he says of Robinsons. “I’m going the blow the doors off the brewery.”

Read the entire article at Yahoo! Finance UK.

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