Music Review: Artaius CD: The Fifth Season

Label: Moonlight Records

Available: Now

Official Websites:


Ever hear of a folk/metal band that has piano/jazz music elements?  Well me either but that’s what we have here folks.  Listening to Artaius’s ‘The Fifth Season’ I draw comparisons a bit to Finland’s Battlelore(without the Lord of the Rings influence) with a mix between some sort of jazz band from a smoky nightclub.  I have to say…that is the first time I have ever had such a comparison for a metal band.  Anyway, what does all this mean from a listeners perspective?  Well believe it or not Artaius has a pretty solid mix of tunes.

As a folk metal band Artaius has the standard folk instruments on the album…flutes and all that kind of stuff.  They also sport a female singer and one or two male singers ranging in vocal styles from the growl type vocals to some black metal styled singing.  What seems to set Artaius apart from other folk/metal bands is the way they arrange songs and the inclusion of some jazz in a few songs on the album.  The band are good at forming nice melodies and some catchy guitar riffs in many of their songs that do a good job of engaging the listener, however they seem to also add in some strange musical arrangements that sometimes border on the eclectic.  This isn’t a bad thing always but it’s also a matter of the listeners taste if they will like it and as a result it might leave some people scratching their head as to what they are listening to.

The other thing I think is more noticeable than the eclectic inclusion of the musical arrangements is the heavy use of a piano in many of the songs which is a very unique thing, for me at least, to hear in a folk metal band.  I’m still not exactly sure how I feel about it but I think others will find the piano an interesting addition to the songs.

Artaius has a solid folk metal album with ‘The Fifth Season’ that adds something a little different to the genre that helps them stand out a bit from other bands in the same genre.  If you have a chance to give ‘The Fifth Season’ a listen I urge you to do so as the experience will be something I think you will find unique.

Rating: 3.75/5


Sara Cucci (Voice)
Andrea La Torre (Guitar/Growl)
Giovanni Grandi (Keyboard/Synth/Scream)
Enrico Bertoni (Bass Guitar)
Mia Spattini (Violin/Whistle)
Alessandro Ludwig Agati (Drums/Percussions)

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