JUDAS PRIEST’s Richie Faulkner Helps Arrange SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE’s Second “Heavy Metal Album” At Age 91!

Hollywood legend SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE (Lord Of The Rings) will release his second heavy metal album on his 91st birthday on Monday, May 27th on audio CD, a two-disc Gatefold Vinyl and MP3 Downloads.

The follow-up to 2010’s Charlemagne: By The Sword is titled Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death and features music arranged by JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner.

Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death tracklisting with times:

The Portent’ (4:29)
‘Charles The Great’ (6:23)
‘The Siege’ (7:09)
‘Massacre Of The Saxons’ (5:41)
‘Dawning Of A New Age’ (4:40)
‘Let Legend Mark Me as the King’ (5:45)
‘The Betrayal’ (5:02)
‘The Devil’s Advocate’ (4:54)
‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’ (5:09)
‘Judgement Day’ (3:41)

Check out a preview below:

“The first Charlemagne album is metal, of course, but what I sang was more symphonic,” Sir Christopher Lee says. “Now, on the second one, The Omens of Death, it is one hundred percent heavy metal. I’ve done my bits and pieces and they are heavy metal. I’m not screaming or anything like that, but it is definitely heavy metal.”

Christopher Lee as Charlemagne (Ghost)
Vincent Ricciardi as Young Charlemagne
Phil S.P as Pippin The Short
Mauro Conti as Pope Hadrian
Lydia Salnikova as Hildegard
Gorgon Tittsworth as Roland
Aaron Cloutier as Duke Lop
Daniel Vasconcelos as Oliver

Electric Guitar: Hedras Ramos Jr.
Bass Guitar: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Drums: Ollie Usiskin 

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