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by: Juuso Viljanen



I did a review of Finnish band Nicumo’s debut album few weeks back. But that wasn’t enough. So here’s a little interview with the guys. Enjoy!


Juuso / Skullbanger: Ok, first of all a short introduction please: who are Nicumo and what kind of history do you have?
Nicumo: We are a Finnish Melodic Rock/Metal band founded 2007 in Ylivieska.  Nicumo includes five members who are living all around western Finland. Line up is two guitarists, bassist, drummer and lead singer. We have released two EP’s and have just released debut album, The End Of Silence.


Juuso / Skullbanger: Let’s talk about your debut album. It’s name is ‘The End Of Silence’. Is there a theme on the record? What are the lyrics are mainly about?
Hannu: No, it isn’t a theme album but of course it has united soundscape. Lyrics are (mostly) quite quickly written, based on feelings that I received while listening to the composition. Usually I do lyrics that way, but two songs had their lyrics written before the rest of the song was composed.

Aki: I think there is some kind of musical theme. This record is musically a cross-section of all these years from 2007 to 2013. There are some riffs and melodies from the band’s beginning, and I think every past member has left their own marks on a few songs. But of course there is mainly those songs that are purely what Nicumo is now.


Juuso / Skullbanger: You guys made it to the official Finnish charts with your album, at position 24. Congratulations for that! What was your first reaction after hearing that you made it to the charts?

Tapio: Unreal. Even though we had jokes and dreamt about how we will get a chart position, it felt  amazing. It feels all the time an even bigger achievement.
It was unbelievable.

Aki: It was amazing. I read about it from Facebook, Atte has posted it. I had to check it many times to belive it! But on the the other hand, it’s kind of sad thing, not for us but for bands and music usually. It shows how low record sales are in Finland. But anyhow it’s a big thing to a small band like us.

Juuso / Skullbanger:  Now that the debut album is out there will (hopefully) be gigs or even a tour. I noticed that you have updated your gig calendar with several dates, and some concerts even in Norway. Are these your first shows abroad? What countries you are looking forward to play in some day?

Tapio: Yep, those are our first gigs abroad and we’re excited about it! Story behind those gigs is that I arranged three gigs to a Norwegian band, Claymords last year. This is like their “payback” and actually we are touring with them in Norway. We have plans to tour many different countries, but the result depends on so many things. Nothing is final and mostly it depends on how and who will get those things organized. Hint hint…

Aki: It is nice to notice that the gig calendar seems to filling after the release. But there has been a lot of work, phone calls and emails behind every single gig we have. There might be even months of working your ass off for one gig! It’s not too easy to sell gigs by ourselves without good contacts.


Juuso / Skullbanger: If you could pick three (3) places in Finland to have a gig in (festivals, clubs, pubs…), where would you love to play?

Aki: There’s plenty of places we’d love to play. There are so many nice places in Finland, and I think it is impossible to pick only three. If we get right now to Tavastia or other bigger places, the place could be quite empty, haha! Maybe those little rock-caverns are ideal for us right now, and the audience is the thing that matters the most!


Juuso / Skullbanger: Let’s hope that getting gigs will become easier! Like Tapio mentioned earlier, hint hint! But let’s get back to basics again. You all must have your own musical taste and idols. What bands/artists have had the greatest influence on your musical taste?

Nicumo: This is always so hard question. We all have different influences so it will be too long list to write. Atte is our main composer so maybe his influences can be heard mostly. Every listener hears our music in their own way. We are not trying to sound any other band than Nicumo, but always somebody hears something familiar and compares us to others.


Juuso / Skullbanger: Ok, I think this is about all that I had to ask of you guys. Let’s have one more, and it’s a free word now for you: send greetings to people that already have your album and to people that still don’t know about your music.

Nicumo: Very big thanks to everybody who have bought the album! We salute you! Hope you like it. Tell your friends about us, if you think your friend would like us too. That would be a very big favour to our band. Come to our gigs to see our shows and give feedback, we appreciate that. For those who don’t know us: Please go and listen to our music from Youtube or Spotify, and if you like it, like it also on Facebook. Buy the album and spread the word! It is important and we need it.


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