AS I LAY DYING Singer “Set Up” Says Attorney In Murder-For-Hire Case

AS I LAY DYING frontman Tim Lambesis may have been set up in a murder for hire plot against his wife says his attorney Anthony Salerno, and his premptive early intervention made a huge difference in the charges filed against him and the bail that was set as the vocalist plead Not Guilty to the charge of solicitation of murder. Check out more details in the Artisan News report below:

NBC San Diego Diana Guevara and R. Stickney reported yesterday (May 10th) that Lambesis appeared tired and expressionless in the Vista courtroom Thursday. Lambesis, in custody since his arrest Tuesday, was ordered to be held on $3 million bail after a quick arraignment in a Vista courtroom. Lambesis, an alum of Santa Fe Christian High School, was just about to join a summer tour with the band when he was arrested in Oceanside by San Diego County sheriff’s deputies. Prosecutors claim Lambesis approached someone from his gym on April 23rd and allegedly asked if the person knew anyone who could kill his wife. The metalled was motivated because he felt it would be better for the children to have a healthy relationship with one parent prosecutors allege.

Then on May 7th, he met with an undercover agent named “Red”. Lambesis allegedly told the agent that he wanted his wife “gone” and to “never see her again” prosecutors said.

Watch video of Lambesis’ arraignment below, and read NBC San Diegio’s full report at this location.

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