Music Review: Shock CD: Once Denied

Music Review: Shock

CD: Once Denied

Label: Self-Released

Available: Now

Official Websites:

Promo video –

Video for Slashing to Live –

Band website –


                Well it seems now that metal is a more accepted genre now in this day and age we are starting to see bands that may have popped on the scene in the 80’s for a moment, then disappear for whatever reason, only to now reappear and give us some new tunes or material they never had a chance to release.  I always think occurrences like these are interesting and lets us look back and see bands that may have had promise but due to certain events never got that ‘break’.  This brings us to the Canadian band Shock who formed in the mid-80’s and toured with the likes of Megadeth, Metal Church and Motorhead but was never able to get that big chance they needed.  So what did our ears miss in the 80’s that we get to hear now?  Great lost Metal classics? Or should we go stick our fingers in an electrical outlet for a shock instead?  Read on!

I have to admit I never heard of Shock until I received an email from the band asking me to give them a review.  Seeing they game from an era where metal flourished I was really interested in hearing what Shock had to offer with their debut album ‘Once Denied’.  What I found was some great classic thrash songs with some really good guitar riffs.  It’s understandable as to why Shock was tour mates with Megadeth and Metal Church as they share similar thrash metal sounds.  Songs like ‘Full Speed Ahead’ and ‘Paths of Glory’ offer some great classic thrash tunes and speed metal sounds.

There are a few tunes that kind of faltered a bit with me on the songwriting front and as a result the vocals didn’t seem to fit in. HOWEVER, even in the songs I felt lacked lyrically and vocally I felt still had very good music and guitar work in them.

I’m glad Shock emailed me to listen to their album of long lost tunes on ‘Once Denied’ as I feel the band has some really strong material and I hope now 30 years later we will get a chance to hear more of their work.  If you are a fan of the traditional thrash metal sound that offers good solid metal then Shock is for you or any fan of metal that wants to go and listen to the way it all started.  So plug in, turn up the volume and SHOCK TIL YOU DROP!



Tony V – Vocals, Guitar
John Tennant – Guitar
Chad Walls – Drums
Steve Monette – Bass

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