Music Review: Shit Happens Incorporated (S.H.I.)

Music Review: Shit Happens Incorporated (S.H.I.)

Label: Independent

Official Websites:


I’m a bit behind in getting to S.H.I. as they emailed me awhile back asking me to help them get a little press and give a listen to the six songs they have available on ReverbNation.  So finally, here I am writing up a little review of the songs I have finally got to listen to.  So how did Shit Happens Inc. sound?  Good?  Or did I need a shit removing Q-tip to get their crap music out of my ear?  Well read on brave metal heads to find out my opinion!

S.H.I. are a band from New Mexico that plays, to my ears, a mix between the bands from the Sunset Strip of the 80’s and maybe some of the ‘Hard Rock’ bands of the 90’s.  Most of the songs seem to have a steady groove to them, are played well and have a catchy sound to most of them.  I think the singer is what makes me compare S.H.I. to the bands from the 80’s in terms of his style and sound.  There are times he does sound like a more contemporary singer but by and large I felt this is what made me compare the band more to the 80’s.  Now this is not a bad thing just kind of how I viewed the band.

Getting back to the songs themselves, they are good and well written.  The musicianship in the band is evident and the band has talent which is always good to hear.  There were a couple of songs that didn’t really do it for me though such as ‘Crossroads’.   I believe I was supposed to believe  the singer was supposed be sounding tough and giving me attitude but instead sounded like my drunk uncle trying to scare me instead.  What I’m saying is, my drunk uncle never sacred me and neither does this song.

Overall though S.H.I. offers some good songs to listen to and if you get a chance go give them a listen with the link provided above.  You could do a lot worse with your time for sure.

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