Music Review: Orchid CD: The Mouths of Madness

Music Review: Orchid

CD: The Mouths of Madness

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available: NOW

Official Websites:

                Well what can be said about Orchid that has not been said already?  They have been compared heavily to Black Sabbath due to their heavy morose guitar and atmospheric sound that hearken back to the early Sabbath days.  I find this comparison a fair one but do Orchid stand out from the rest of the stoner and doom metal bands out there?  Let’s pluck an apple from this tree and take a bite out of this bitch!

As I just mentioned, the Black Sabbath influence here is very heavy in the sound but I also found they have a sound similar to the old NWOBHM band Witchfinder General as well who were experts in the Doom genre as well and the similarities are very strong.  Orchid plays doom metal and they play the doom Metal style well.  It’s obvious they know the sound, love the sound and they wrap themselves in its dark cloak fully.  Their guitar sound is distorted, heavy and very atmospheric.  Along with the excellent heavy guitar sounds the other element to take not of here is the vocals of The Mindell.

Mindell’s vocals are excellent in conveying the classic doom/stoner rock feeling the band is trying to convey.  In the song ‘Wizard of War’ Mindell’s voice is really showcased by using it with some sort of reverb (sorry I’m not an expert on the technical stuff here) that really fits the song and the genre well.   It’s no surprise ‘Wizard of War’ was also used as the band single and promo video.

If I had to knock the album a bit, I felt as the album was nearing the end it kind of started dragging a bit in spots.  Some of the songs kind of got a little monotonous to me, even for a doom song.  This may be a bit of a personal taste on my part however as sometimes I get easily distracted by shiny object…or boobs on TV.  BOOBS! (.)(.)

Overall, Orchid’s ‘The Mouths of Madness’ is an excellent addition to the doom metal genre.  They have an excellent sound, great vocal style and can write good tunes.  If you are a fan of the genre there isn’t really anything here you will be disappointed by.  If you are a metal fan this is also something you should enjoy and be able to listen to.  If you are an old hippie from the 60’s you will eat this shit up along with your latest batch of ‘shrooms you just scored and REALLY have a musical experience.  So pluck this psychedelic apple from Orchid’s tree and take a big ‘ol bite everyone!

RATING: 3.75/5


• Theo Mindell: Vocals
• Carter Kennedy: Drums
• Mark Thomas Baker: Guitar
• Keith Nickel: Bass

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