Music Review: Burn of Black CD: Danger EP

Music Review: Burn of Black

CD: Danger EP

Label: Sweet Poison Records

Available: May 17th


Italy is known for a lot of things, beautiful women, The Roman Empire, The Pope, Lamborghinis and looking like a boot on world maps.  One thing though I have not heard of is an Italian thrash metal band.  This brings us to Burn to Black with their EP titled ‘Danger’.  Well does ‘Danger’ present a worthwhile listen or does it leave me feeling like I’m in danger of being bored.  Well let’s put it this way, I sure wasn’t feeling scared.

Sometimes you find bands that may not have the most elite of talent but know how to write songs that enjoyable and fun to listen to.  Sometimes you have bands that have a lot of talent but just don’t mesh well and can’t produce any worthwhile songs.  Then sometimes you just have bands that are just poor.  In the case of Burn of Black I think we have a bit of a mixture of the first two examples.

I feel the band has good talent but the songs never really go anywhere or do much for me as a listener.  A good song to me consists of catchy riffs, cool choruses and something memorable.  Unfortunately for Burn of Black they never seem able to go much beyond a power chord type sound.  The last two songs on the EP ‘Danger’ and ‘Slave in Chains’ has a few moments where it sounds like we will hear a catchy guitar riff or something but then drops it and the song goes nowhere and we are left with songs that are just kind of, ‘there’.  Much like the rest of the songs on the EP.  They are just there.

I think Burn of Black has merit in the sense that they can play but they need to work on making something that stands out and not something that makes them blend in to the background with the other millions of bands out there.

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