Interview with Finland’s Lazy Bonez

Jaakko Kauppinen of Lazey Bonez was kind enough to take the time to answer some of my questions about the band and their new album ‘Vol. 1’ which is available now and can alos be heard via Spotify.  The interview can be read below


Skullbanger: First off I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for about your new album Vol. 1. What can you tell everyone about Lazy Bonez and about the new album?

LB: Yes, our pleasure – thank you for this opportunity! LAZY BONEZ is a new heavy/rock band from Finland. The band is a reunion of guys from TAROT (Tommi “Tuple” Salmela, Janne Tolsa and Pecu Cinnari), D-CAYED (Jaakko Kauppinen and Mikko Niiranen) and ETTR (Jaakko Kauppinen and Markku Mähönen). The band was established in early 2012 as some of the guys met each other during the ETTR studio session – Stefan Schwarzmann from ACCEPT was visiting Finland and there was also some drum recordings scheduled to the program. During the post-recording session (having some Jaloviina & beer in Kuopio nightlife) someone threw up the idea of this new band… Well, actually that’s the short history of the foundation of LAZY BONEZ.

Then we made a couple of songs as a test – “M.I.L.F.” and “Poker Face”. And they just sounded fuckin’ good, so we decided to go on and make the full album of LAZY BONEZ songs!


Skullbanger: I have to say the album sounds really great. The production is really smooth, the songs are very rock and roll and many have a very catchy sound to them. Can you go into the songwriting process for this album? Was there a certain sound or feel everyone wanted the album to have? Would you consider Vol. 1 a rock album, a pop album a metal album or something else entirely?

LB: Yeah, I think Janne Tolsa (our keyboardist) has the biggest influence to the result of the album. We’re more than happy on how it sounds. The guitars, bass and some of the backing-vocals has been recorded in Jaakko’s homestudio, but all the other instruments & vocals has been recorded in Janne’s Note On-Studio. And of course the mixing and mastering is also made by Janne.

Well, about the songs – most of them are made by me (Jaakko Kauppinen / bassist) and Markku Mähönen (guitarists). Then there’s also that Lady Gaga cover song “Poker Face” (made by Stefani Germanotta / Nadir Khayat) and “First To Go – Last To Know” that is made by me and Mr Mikko Kupiainen (guitarist in a band called Skirmish).

There was not any “theme” that we were thinking of when making the songs and this album. I usually do not have any specific “targets” or anything like that when making new stuff. It comes when it comes.

The normal way to make a new song is that Markku and Mikko Niiranen (another Lazy B. guitarist) comes up with some guitar-riffs and send them to me via email. Then I continue processing them and make demo vocals and lyrics. Then we have some discussion of how it works and if we should make some changes to the song (tempo, pitch, structure, etc) – so called pre-production. And when we (the guitarists & I) think that the demo is good enough, we send the demo to other bandmembers. There are some songs that have been stopped due to Janne’s & Tuple’s criticism and it’s only a good thing (no bullshit may see the daylight). The demos that pass the wall of criticism will then end up to studio-recording. Some small changes and productional decisions were also made in the recording stage, for example Janne & Tuple modified vocal melody in a couple of songs – “optimized to Tuple’s mouth”.

I’m not very good to categorize my own music. But it’s more metal than rock – I would say 60 % metal, 38 % rock, 1 % pop and 1 % tears, sweat & blood.


Skullbanger: I feel you have a lot of strong material on the album and many of the songs are quite good. Do you have any personal favorites yourself?

LB: They’re all like my own children – it’s not fair to rank them from 1 to 10. I just love them and wish them all nothing but success 🙂  I will let the audience judge and give the feedback.


Skullbanger: Your single, ‘First to Go, Last to Know’ features Marco Hietala from Nightwish and Tarot and the song has a certain Tarot sound to it. In fact, you have about 3/5 of the band Tarot in your group not counting the tracks where Marco guest sings. So how did you get everyone together for the album? Did you somehow kidnap each member from their house at night while they slept and demanded they play on the album or else!!!! Haha.

LB: Yes, I doped those TAROT guys and turned them to my slaves.. .HA-HAA… Well to be honest we met in Janne’s studio when we were recording drums with Stefan Schwarzmann to some ETTR songs (as I told above about the origin of LAZY BONEZ). As Stefan says: “Let the music do the talking” – that’s what I did with those TAROT guys and here we are now!


Skullbanger: Speaking of musicians from other bands you also have Udo from Accept fame and also Accept’s drummer Stefan Schwarzmann(if I am not mistaken) featured on several tracks. It is a very pleasant surprise to hear them on the album and they do a great job. How did this collaboration come to be?

LB: As my band is a newborn and there’s a lot of competition within this genre, I wanted something that is most likely to stimulate people’s interest – something striking and big. I’m a huge ACCEPT / U.D.O. fan and I’ve met Udo a couple of times. So I just contacted Udo’s manager and asked if Udo would be interested to feature in our debut album. As Udo heard the demo of the song “First To Go – Last To Know” he agreed to feature with us. But there was one condition – Udo wanted to make a duet. Well, then Janne asked Marco Hietala if he wanted to sing with Udo Dirkschneider and “click-click” – that was it!

About Stefan Schwarzmann and how he ended to our album. Well, I first met Stefan in Helsinki FME in February 2011. That’s when I first suggested him a studiosession. Stefan told me “Let the music do the talkging – so please give me some material you want me to play”. That’s what I did – gave Stefan a USB-stick full of my material and he liked it. And later that year we managed to coordinate our schedules as there was a pause in ACCEPT’s tour-calendar after Sauna Open Air 2011. So we had our first studiosession in Tampere Fantom Studio. Actually two of those songs (Bring It All Now & Frozen Love) that we recorded there ended to LAZY BONEZ “Vol.1” album – when there was not any clue about LAZY BONEZ yet… The second studiosession with Stefan was in Kuopio January 2012 and that’s when the “opening shot” of LAZY BONEZ was fired… Those songs we recorded in Kuopio and are still unpublished!


Skullbanger: I know probably that the members of the band have other commitments with their other bands and touring may be hard to do but are there any plans to play any shows in Finland or perhaps elsewhere?

LB: We do have plans to play live starting from this year. NEM Agency / Mr Ismo Korhonen is the contact for management & booking LAZY BONEZ. I think in July there will be our debut gig in Kuopio – we’ll bring out the date and place officially in the near future. There’s been also some very interesting offers abroad, but we’ll see about that later.


Skullbanger: Ok let’s talk cover songs. Lady Gaga, dudes…’Poker Face’. Explain yourself! Haha. In all truth it sounds like a really well done version of the song but what determined you guys picking that song as opposed to well something else? And speaking of cover songs I have to ask this. Since I’m originally from Tennessee if Lazy Bonez were to cover an Elvis song which one would you guys pick?

LB: Jepp, you can blame our guitarist Markku about that song – he’s a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga! That’s where that 1 % of pop comes from, hahaa… So Markku suggested that we should make our version of it – and so we did. We do underline that song 100 % – “Baby when it’s love if it’s not rough it isn’t fun”, jepp!

Well, if LAZY B. were to cover an Elvis song – it would be “Stuck On You” – because the title has more than one meaning… Just think about it…HAHA!!


Skullbanger: From the song M.I.L.F. it seems someone has interpreted that to mean they like to tell their mother they like flowers. Can you tell us how this song came into existence? Also, what is everyone’s favorite flower?

LB: Again, it was Markku who suggested to me the main theme to this song. Markku said that he came up with the abbreviation M.I.L.F. – so that it’s not how everyone thinks it normally. And so we ended to “Mother, I Like Flowerz”. Isn’t that so sweet…?

I’m not sure about everyone’s favourite flowers. Well, every flower is beautiful as long as it blooms, even a potato, jepp!!


Skullbanger: So what are the future plans for the band? Are there any or is Lazy Bonez more of a side project? Can you everyone out there about what the future might hold for Lazy Bonez?

LB: As I mentioned earlier there will be gigs with LAZY BONEZ. As all of us have other bands too, we must fit it to our calendars very closely. I don’t know what the future will bring, but if there are audiences and paying customers for LAZY BONEZ then we definitely will answer that call. Propably we’ll release new material someday too (Vol.2). Who knows, maybe LAZY B. will become our main project someday?! God only knows (if there’s one).


Skullbanger: Ok here I will ask 3 things for a bit of humor and if you wish answer the first thing that comes to mind or which you prefer…here we go!

LB: OK, I’m ready!


1. The name of your band is Lazy Bonez but what do you guys find in life that tickles your funny bonez? Basically, this is an American saying for…what do you guys find personally funny or humorous?

LB: Good situation comedy is humorous. Also good old british humour like Mr Bean, ‘Allo ‘Allo! and Father Ted are classics. Generally I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously all the time.  Throwing panties & bras to the stage is both funny and R.O.C.K. (and M.I.L.F.)

2. Actually…I can’t think of another two questions???? So…well…take this Opportunity to leave everyone out there some parting words of wisdom or anything extra you would like to tell everyone about Lazy Bonez?

LB: Music makes the world go round – especially heavyrock – and particularly LAZY BONEZ tickles your bonez, shakes your balls and makes your ass move, JEPP!


Skullbanger: That just about wraps up everything I have. I want to say thank you again for answering the questions and I hope to hear more from Lazy Bonez in the future!

LB: Thank You and STAY HEAVY!!


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