Interview with Greek Hard Rock Band In Phaze


Skullbanger: I want to say thank you for taking the time to talk to about your band InPhaze.  I notice you have a live show supporting Jeff Scott Soto in Athens.  What can you tell us about that?

–          Hello to all of you, and thanks for the invitation. It is great for us to share the stage with Jeff. He is a great guy, a great singer, with fans all over the world. Since we are a fresh band, that show also helps us to share our music and get to know with more people. We will play with Jeff only in his show in Athens, along with Danger Angel, another great Greek band.

Skullbanger: What can you tell us about InPhaze as a band itself?  What brought you guys together and what would you describe your music as?

–          I started the band, because I was looking for a sound that was missing from Greece. A new Hard and Heavy sound.  It was very hard to find it here. So I started a project with some guys back in 2011. But it didn’t work back then. The band had many lineup changes and at some time I drop the project, until I will find the right guys.  The band had a different name in those days. When I found the proper guys to share my dream and passion, we started jamming at first and in a very short period of time we were into composing new songs along with the old songs I had.  The music we are playing is Melodic Hard and Heavy Rock, also mixed with other styles of metal. But the main music is Hard and Heavy Rock.

Skullbanger: I notice InPhaze has done a Christmas Song for Charity.  Would you care to explain about how this came about and what the charity is?

–          That was our manager’s idea. In Greece, as you may know, the economy sucks but we Greeks are very proud and we are willing to help anyone that needs help. So, as musicians, we made a song for children with a Christmas feelng. Kostas (guitars) and Jon(Vocals) took care of the whole composition, as I took care of the production. I must say that we had only a week to prepare the song. We invited many friends from other bands to participate in our project and the result, considering the time we had, was, at least, great. The charity show was also great and we gathered enough money for children and families that needed that money!

Skullbanger:  I know Margarita who helps manage MP Group and other bands.  How is it working with MP Group and recording in their Master Sound Studio?  The production of stuff coming from the studio sound really professional.  Also, be honest, how is Margarita’s drum lessons going?  Is she the next Dave Lombardo?

–          Hahahahahahahahahaha….. I wish Margarita could be with us in the band… she is an incredible girl. She is smiley, has great ideas, she is very helpful and we are getting baby steps with the band. Until know everything we are doing is going very well. As manager she is great. As for the studio everything in there are going smooth J About the drumming , I saw Margarita once exercising on  blast beats … you have to see a girl getting 200bpm and still be cool with it … it’s quite horny :p

Skullbanger: I’m not aware of any album by your band.  Are there any plans to record an album worth of songs or do you focus mainly on just live shows?

–          At this time we are at the final stage of mixing. After mastering is done we have to search for a Label. We already made some contacts through Margie , and also have some plans on releasing a single this summer.

Skullbanger: I see you are from Greece, which have been making headlines there recently for the economic problems.  As a band has this situation been a problem getting gigs and how is it affecting the music scene in Greece overall?

–          I have to say something here. Everyone talks about economic problems, economic crisis etc. Nobody talks about social problem though. Money is not the problem. Society is. The problem in Greece is not the money. Is the way that people thinking.  And if we translate the social problem to the music scene, I will answer you this. A big band from a country (you pick one) comes in Greece. The ticket will cost at least 25 – 30 euros (incl. taxes). We made a show 3 weeks ago with 3 bands and 8 euros ticket and we often had problems with the tickets. Hopefully the show went great , but the feeling you get from the people, when they tell you that they can’t buy the ticket for 8 Euros, and you know they went to a show with a ticket of 30 Euros really sucks. And bands that coming every year in Greece with 30 Euros ticket are sold out … so there is no economic problem, is social problem. About the economic problem, this is government’s problem and how they work with the money they have ….

Skullbanger: I’m going to list three things.  Tell me which you prefer or the first thing that comes to mind.

  1. Marina Sirtis (Greek/English actress best known for her role as Dianna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation)

–          Marina is not my style, also  movie sucks. You should check Ria Antoniou

  1. If someone yells, “THIS IS SPARTA!” do you immediately start working out and getting ready for war?

–          I love my country and I’m trying to prove every day that Greece is not the country they are trying to show in the News. We are not the bad guys …. Germany is the most dirty country in Europe … read history and learn more… \m/

  1. Who is your favorite Greek God or Goddess and why?

–          Every Greek God has its own powers of a purpose… they were a great team these guys … If I had to pick one is Goddess Athena. And that is because the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Some privileges that we all should have in today’s world. As I said before, we all have to read some history. We will learn many things. And Greek mythology and ancient Greek historians have a lot to teach us..

Skullbanger: Well that just about wraps up all the questions I have.  Is there anything you would like to add before we go?  Any parting words of Greek Wisdom?

–          Believe only on what your eyes see and not what others trying to make you see. That will save you a lot. Make your life InPhaze. It’s yours, and you live only once! Until next time

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