Music Review: Thousand Year War CD: Kingdom of America

Music Review: Thousand Year War

CD: Kingdom of America

Label: Self-Released

Available: NOW



It’s rare if not almost impossible for me to listen to Black Metal bands.  It has never been a genre I have been drawn to and I just never ‘GOT’ it.  To me all I hear is a furious stream of blast beats and single note riffs and no cohesion at all to the songs, which in turn, makes me turn off the music.

So now I come to the band Thousand Year War from America(I think?) who call themselves a Black Metal band.  So with some trepidation I start this bad boy up expecting more of the same.  Well I have to say I got more than what I bargained for, that is for sure.  So read on and find out what I unearthed!

Thousand Year War’s ‘Kingdom of America’ seems a bit of a mixed bag in terms of what they label themselves and, well, what I would label them.  They claim to be Black Metal, which they do have some strong elements of the genre in their music such as some furious buzzsaw guitars and blast beats in the music.  On the other hand they have a singer that sound more punk rock than Black Metal.  Also, key for me on this album was that we have songs that are very catchy and have cool riffs that break up the blast beats and monotonous one note guitar notes Black Metal is known for.

The two tracks that really stand out for me that exemplifies the best of the album are ‘Vulture Eyes’ and the last track ‘Gather the Wolves’.  Both songs draw you into them and still have an aggression to please fans of the genre.  That’s all I ask for Black Metallers…just give me something I can listen to and get into a bit.  I know that might be the anti0thesis of the genre to some…but damn call me a poser then I don’t care.  I’ll just go listen to some Power Metal.

‘Kingdom of America’ offers the Black Metal Genre a bit a different take on the genre and for me it’s a positive thing while others may not agree.  It has catchy riffs and an interesting vocal style but make no mistake this album is still raw, aggressive and violent.  If you have an open mind and like Black Metal then you should like this offering from Thousand Year War.  You could do much worse.  I know I have heard much worse.

RATING: 3.5/5


Hiram Lohr-Guitars, Bass,Vocals
Fredrik Widigs- Battery

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