Concert Review: Overkill/Lost Society at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland

Hello From the Gutter!

It’s been 30 years since Overkill has had a proper headlining tour in Finland.  They have made some festival appearances here but other than that never a tour solely with them as the headliner.  When I also found out that Finnish newcomers Lost Society would be opening for them at the Tavastia Club in Helsinki I knew I had to check out the mayhem that I was sure to be unleashed!  I was not disappointed to say the least.  So lets start with Lost Society shall we!

Lost Society Competed in the Global Battle of the Bands a few year ago and won the competition for Finland which allowed these kids, all under the age of 21, to really propel themselves forward and land them a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.  Their debut album, ‘Fast, Loud, Death’ is a in your face speed/thrash album that sounds like the early days of thrash metal but with the youthful exuberance of today.  That makes since as it is young kids playing it.  It’s fresh, it’s raw and it’s fun.  So how did this all transcribe to a live set.  It’s one thing to be able to play in a studio and another to be able to play live.

All I can say is that Lost Society does not disappoint…AT ALL.  I don’t see how they can play like they do, jump around like madmen and still have the sound live but they do!  They hit their notes, they had the fire and they killed it!  I talked to the guys before and after the show and they were all very pleased with how it turned out and for them to be able to play with Overkill and also in Tavastia Club, which is a historic club in Europe for music and one of the oldest clubs in Europe I am told, really meant something to them.  The guys are really nice guys too and I hope the future is bright for them for they have a lot of promise and they would really like to play outside of Finland, like in the US which I hope they get to do.

Good Luck guys and I hope we get to meet again in the near future!

Now on to Overkill.  These New Jersey Thrashers have been destroying eardrums and cracking skulls for a very long time and as I mentioned earlier this is their first proper tour in Finland in 30 years and by the reaction of the crowd it has been 30 years too long!  The crowd was really energized by seeing the band and Bobby “Blitz’ had the crowd eating out of his hand.  I interviewed Bobby before the show and he is a really nice guy and very talkative but he is like a whole other animal on stage.  He still has the personable side to him as he did in the interview but he also knows how to turn on the frontman persona and get the crowd going and the Helsinki crowd loved it.  The band also did well and played a mixture of songs from their new album ‘The Electric Age’ along with some classics and rarities like, ‘Who Tends the Fire’ which sounded awesome live.  They also played ‘In Union We Stand’ which is a song I have always enjoyed and it translates well live.

It’s unfortunate that Overkill gets a little overlooked in the Thrash Genre as they have a solid discography and their new album, ‘The Electric Age’ shows that the band is as strong as ever.  If you like thrash metal I urge you to give Overkill a listen if you haven’t as they have some good tunes to listen too.

Overall the concert from both bands was fantastic and if you get a chance to check out both Lost Society and Overkill on this tour don’t pass it up.  You won’t be disappointed at all.

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