Aria First Live Show in Finland Announced!

ARIA (Russia) with special guest Dreamtale

May, 28th 2013

Helsinki (Virgin Oil Club)

The history of Russian heavy metal began exactly 30 years ago. In a country where rock was almost non-existent, the ice was broken by Aria, a Moscow band that has been at the forefront of the genre ever since.

Aria’s secret of success lies in the band members’ faith in personal ideals and the constant pursuit of their chosen path. The band’s attitude quickly led it to fame, critical acclaim and an impressive fan base, with numbers growing year by year. The band jokes about its more recent gigs, calling them “family events”: new teenage fans often come alongside their fathers, who frequented Aria concerts in the 1980s – a unique phenomenon on the Russian rock scene.

Although Aria was brought up on classic rock acts – Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, etc. – their style was more influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal, more specifically – Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. With time, the band developed its own original sound, coming a long way from the early productions.

Aria’s discography boasts 11 studio albums, 5 live releases and several compilations – all of which have been consistently successful. As time goes by, the band manages to stay highly resonant within the music industry. Today’s Aria is no less popular than 30 years ago.

Aria have played many, many festivals, but are known for touring and performing on their own. Only once was an exception made for German metal veterans U.D.O. and Rage, who joined Aria on several large scale tours of Russia. During that period, Aria and U.D.O. frontman Udo Dirkschneider collaborated on the song and video ‘Schtiel’ (that would later be covered by Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe of Rammstein).

Aria’s side projects have included a computer game soundtrack, an unplugged album, a Russian-rock-all-star-collaboration on the band’s 20th anniversary remake of an early hit song and several projects with a symphony orchestra, including the highly publicized Classical Aria tour.


And finally! On May 28th 2013 Aria will play the first Finnish gig in it’s career in ‘Virgin Oil Club’ (Helsinki).

Contact for interviews: TOUGH ENOUGH PROMOTION, Silke Yli-Sirniö,

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