Music Review: Sacrilegious Impalement CD: III: Lux Infera

Sacrilegious Impalement – III: Lux Infera


Label: Woodcut Records


Available: 26.4.2013








by: Juuso Viljanen



I think it’s obvious for every metalhead that Norway is country number one when it comes to black metal. Or at least it used to be. Black metal is continuously growing phenomenon, and there’s no end in sight. Finland has given the world many fantastic black metal bands to enjoy and worship. One of these great, but yet underrated bands is Sacrilegious Impalement. They’ve been together since 2005 and the message has always been clear: Keep the metal evil and brutal!


The new album, III: Lux Infera, is an intensive pack of brutal and evil riffs, with crushing drums and rough vocals. You could say black metal won’t get any more black than this.  Its nine songs are mainly fast paced which of course adds a little spice to the evilness. There are no keyboards/synths, just the guitars, bass, drums and vocals. By listening to this album you can tell that there’s no need to add any synths to make the music sound evil and black.


This album has many absolutely perfect black metal songs (for example For Sins Of The Pigs, Hios Gift Embodiment and my personal favourite Behead the Infants of God). Only negative thing to say about III: Lux Infera is that there’s not much variation between the songs. Sacrilegious Impalement is one band in a huge genre of black metal because their sound isn’t too unique. They sound good, their albums are fantastic but I wish they had something to separate them from the other, almost similar sounding bands. Sacrilegious Impalement is one of the best Scandinavian black metal bands and they deserve it, but they still haven’t got the attention and fame that they truely deserve. I hope this album changes it, because III: Lux Infera will be one of the best metal albums in 2013! You’ll see!


RATING: 4½ / 5 

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