Music Review: Absinthium CD: One for the Road

Music Review: Absinthium

CD: One for the Road

Label: Punishment 18 Records

Available: Now

by: TJ Fowler



There’s lots of Thrash Metal coming my way as of late…first there was Doom everywhere on my listening plate now I’m getting hit by a Thrash Wave.  Cowabunga dudes. Anyway, that is not always a bad thing.  So my latest band to listen to is Absinthium from Italy.  An Interesting name for a band I have to say, based on a drink that is believed to make people see all kinds of weird shit.  So was this shot of absinth laced metal tough to swallow or did it go down silky smooth for a high octane metal ride?  Well read on my friends and bottoms up!

Absinthium’s latest album ‘One for the Road’ greatest strength is the killer riffs and the well produced sound it has.  All the music fits well together.  You have the crunch of the guitars which sound tight and the drums sound very well done.   The opening track ‘The Curse of Blood’ has the traditional thrash sound and a very cool riff that will get your head to banging.  ‘Waste’ is another fine example of a pure thrash attack with an aggressive tempo, in your face attitude and great guitars.  ‘Skull’ shifts gears a bit and helps showcase the nice range in talent the guitarists have as it has some very nice guitar work in it at the beginning the goes into a great thrash riff and is pleasant to listen to for that alone.

Unfortunately, this hard hitting Thrash drink isn’t all smooth going down.  Maybe, I’m hard to please in this area but I feel the singer is a bit of a weak spot for the band.  His voice just doesn’t seem to fit or feel strong enough for the material.  I would have liked to hear more of a gruffer sounding voice with the material presented here.  I know with a lot of metal bands singers tend to be overlooked in favor of the guitar work but I like singers in my metal bands to hold their own too. I know the singer position is hard to fill and get right so I know it’s tough out there to find a vocalist to fill a specific need sometimes.

The singer issue aside, Absinthium’s ‘One for the Road’ offers a very strong thrash experience.  The guitars kill it and the album is filled to the brim with great thrash hooks and catchy riffs.  For this alone give the album a listen.  I just hope in the future we can get a stronger vocal performance to fit the material better.

RATING: 3.5/5

Line Up:

Alessandro Granato (Vocals)
Franco Buonocore (Guitars)
Dario Nuzzolo (Bass)
Tommaso Ruberti (Drums)

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