DO Messiah Announce New Drummer: Mirka Kiril Rantanen (THUNDERSTONE, WARMEN, KOTIPELTO)

D.O Messiah announces the addition of Mirka Kiril Rantanen (THUNDERSTONE, WARMEN, KOTIPELTO) for the band’s drummer position. Rantanen is known for his work as a drummer for bands like Timo Tolkki`s REVOLUTION RENEISSANCE, Idols-winner ARI KOIVUNENNORTHERN KINGS and many others. His style of playing drums is groovy and ”hard hitting” which is mixture of his biggest idols Cozy Powell and Ian Paice.

D.O Messiah recently released “Rock’N Roll Children” to present the band and the idea behind it. The band is re-recording various DIO songs in their own fashion and will be ready to perform them for Summer festivals starting in 2014. The song can be streamed below:

The line up for D.O MESSIAH lists as follows:

Csaba Zvekan – Vocals (Raven Lord, Exorcism) Jay Parmar – Guitars (Exorcism) Mirka Rantanen – Drums (Thunderstone, Warmen, Kotipelto)

The band is still searching for a suitable bass player and keyboardist. Players who wish to audition please contact

For more information visit:

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