Music Review: Omega Reign CD: Arise

Music Review: Omega Reign

CD: Arise

Label: Itchy Metal Entertainment

Available: NOW

by: TJ Fowler

Official Websites:!/OmegaReign/info


Omega Reign claims to be influenced by classic metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Savatage, Metallica, Dio among others and sport a traditional metal sound.  This usually adds up to be a great experience for me as I really love the old school metal sound and style.  I feel the older bands had a better ability to write songs built around the music and as the years went on in the metal genre you had it morph into either bands that had guitar virtuoso’s but poor songs lyrically or just bands that just couldn’t write songs at all but were signed by labels trying to cash in on a trend.  Now we have a trend of late of bands going back to a more blue collar sound and songwriting.  So how does Omega Reign match up?  Do they capture the essence of the greats or do they reach for the stars only to fall short?

I have somewhat mixed feelings about Omega Reign’s album ‘Arise’.  On one hand they have musicians that have the chops to play the old metal style but for some reason many of the songs never really seem to take off or go anywhere.  There are a couple of tracks that start off with cool riffs, especially the closing track ‘Killer’, but then the songs kind of drift off and leave me kind of bored, which is unfortunate.

Another problem I had with Omega Reign was their singer.  For some reason he just did not click with me.  He isn’t a bad singer but then again something about his style did not grab me.  So maybe I am a bit off the mark here in my criticism as others may enjoy his style.

For me Omega Reign left me a little flat.  Like I said earlier, all the musicians have the skill and ability but the songs themselves just never grabbed me or stood out enough to make me want to have repeat listens.   I hope Omega Reign might develop their songwriting a bit more as I would like to give them another listen in the future but for their album ‘Arise’, I fell I have to give it a pass.



Gene Felix -guitarist-

David Bowman -guitarist-

The Hankster- vocals-

Scott Langevin- bass-

Tyrone Williams-drums –

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