AVANTASIA – The Mystery Of Time Hits The German Charts At #2!

AVANTASIA’s album, The Mystery Of Time, continues to storm the charts around the world, selling twice as many copies as previous albums, including rocketing straight to #2 of the official German Media Control album charts.

Leader Tobias Sammet has issued the following statement:

“To all fans, thank you all for your support! A lot of amazing musicians have worked their asses off to make The Mystery Of Time a timeless piece of art. Is it heavy metal? Is it classic hard rock? Is it epic metal? Is it rock? The answer to all of those questions is ‘yes, it is!’ It is all of that. I’d call it a piece of music that I put together being nothing but a fanboy myself! It reflects my personal taste, nothing else! I am really proud and thankful. And I also wanna thank everybody who’ve helped me put it together. Now we are getting ready for the tour and Jesus Christ, this show will be massive! Tomorrow I am gonna meet the rest of the guys to rehearse and bring the Metal Opera on the road again! Playing three hours might be a challenge, but we have to cover six albums, so it would be even more of a challenge to just play two hours and pick the right songs. What I can say?! We’ll play a lot of the Metal Opera 1 & 2 and pretty much all of the new album… Plus the highlights of The Scarecrow, The Wicked Symphony and Angel Of Babylon. A lot of people kept asking if we do the whole show in all countries, I have to admit: We can’t do the full three hours at the festivals, we can’t play a 15 minute track at festivals! Impossible! So, it will be 90 minutes at festivals only, but we give our best nevertheless… Thank you all for your support and see you on the road!”

Updated chart positions include:

Germany – #2
Sweden – #9
Finland – #9
Norway – #19
England – #6 rock, #97 international
France – #51
Netherlands – #85
Japan – #17 international

Avantasia is currently rehearsing for their enormous three-hour set on the Mystery World Tour; their complete live itinerary can be accessed at this location.

A lyric video for ‘Invoke The Machine’, from The Mystery Of Time, can be seen below:

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