Music Review: Misanthrope Count Mercyful CD: World Without A Face

Misanthrope Count Mercyful – World Without A Face


Label: Misanthrophobia


Available: Now








by: Juuso Viljanen



Every now and then I wonder what happened to groove metal and great groovy guitar riffs after Pantera broke up. Many bands have tried to copy the sound and the way Pantera made their music so great, but no one has ever been even close to that. Russian metalheads Misanthrope Count Mercyful claim themselves as groove metal band and after listening to their new album ‘World Without A Face’ I totally agree to that.


It’s still not Pantera. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be Pantera to be great. World Without A Face includes 8 songs full of groovy beats, guitar riffs that makes you shake your booty and, of course, bang your head. Album includes two cover songs: Pet Sematary, originally made by Ramones and live version of Roswell 47, originally made by Hypocrisy. These two songs are my least favourite songs on the album. Even though MCM makes Ramones sound a lot better than the original song is, it’s still not a good song and just makes me want to skip it. The Hypocrisy cover just sounds like it’s been played once or twice before performing it live and recording it. The idea for a Hypocrisy cover is great, but with a little more work on it would make it a lot better.


That’s enough about the covers. The bands own songs sound like the band has decided to make the grooviest metal ever. They’re really on it. Straight drum beats and groovy riffs really tend to make you bang your head. There are few moments that sound like they are repeating already used ideas all over again. The length of the ‘World Without A Face’ is perfect. 8 songs makes it about 30 minutes filled with groove that way too many bands desperately need. MCM does a great job with their fourth full-length album. I was very suprised when I noticed that the album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Finnish Anssi Kippo. This is a fantastic Co-operation between Finnish and Russians!


I feel ashaimed because this is the very first time I have heard about this band. I really have to fix this and give a listen to their previous albums. Keep on grooving dudes!


RATING: 3½ / 5

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