Music Review: Tribulation CD: The Formulas of Death

Music Review: Tribulation

CD: The Formulas of Death

Label: Invictus/Ajna Offensive (North America)

Available: Now in Europe/ May 14th North America

by: TJ Fowler



HOLY SHIT!!!!  I think I just found a Black Metal band(well the band claims to be Death Metal so what the hell do I know, they still sound like they have Black(Death) Metal Elements in their music) I can listen to and not only listen to but also kind of enjoy.  Tribulation’s ‘The Formulas of Death’ does have some of the standards you find in Black(Death) Metal bands such as the blast beats, soul searing vocals and one note shredding.  However, these are all mixed in with great musical compositions that go beyond your typical Black metal standards that make ‘The Formulas of Death’ stand out from the crowd and what makes it an enjoyable listen.  It’s almost like a Black(Death)/Thrash metal mix in terms of guitar work.

What really helps this album out to my ears anyway, is the great guitar riffs that you hear throughout the album and not just the one note guitar work and blastbeat drumming you hear on so many black metal albums.  The album contains eleven tracks and most of which run at least 4-5 minutes with one running a little over 13.  This is also typical of Black(Death) Metal bands, but again this is not a problem for me as the songs are very atmospheric and the music can be catchy.

Now on a downside for me, the vocals are still a bit tough for me to take in.  Though compared to other Black(Death) Metal bands the singer sounds like Steve Perry from Journey.  Again, though the razor blade vocal style has never been my thing but that’s my own personal taste.

I have to say, I am surprised at myself for liking this band as much as I do, being a non-Black(Death) metal guy.  I’m not sure what Tribulation found while working their ancient black magic rituals but I think they came up with some good stuff here.  I think a metal fan who is also not into Black(Death) Metal would enjoy this album and Black Metal fans…well I can’t speak for them they may call it a sell out or something and go burn down a church is anger.  Who knows?  Otherwise get your Black(Death) Metal Math books out and get ready to write down some ‘Formulas of Death’ its heavy metal school time boys and girls!

RATING: 3.5/5


Johannes Andersson
Adam Zaars
Jonathan Hultén
Jakob Ljungberg

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