Music Review: Sorrows Path CD: The Rough Path of Nihilism

Music Review: Sorrows Path

CD: The Rough Path of Nihilism

Label: Rock It Up Records

Available: Now

by: TJ Fowler


Well what can I saw?  The Bands name and the title of the CD pretty much sums up my feelings of this album.  I want to start off by saying I am not someone to sit behind a computer and try to by witty or a smart ass by writing a review that destroys a person or bands work they have worked hard at making just so I can try to be funny.  However, if I feel the material is weak or poor I do feel I have the need to express that in a constructive way and if possible with good natured humor that is not malicious.  So with that being said, ‘The Rough Path of Nihilism’ was a rough path indeed for me…my god was it a tough listen.

Sorrows Path as a musical genre I would describe as some sort of prog/power metal band.  You have double bass drums, a clean vocal style in the singing and some nice guitar work here and there.  Unfortunately, the songs never deliver any kind of emotional impact whatsoever.  There are a few tracks that contain a few guitar riffs that sound pretty cool but they are soon abandoned to what seems to be the musical equivalent of the songs just rambling on.  At no point did I ever feel engaged or wanting to repeat the songs much.  Out of the twelve tracks I listened to, ‘Honestly’ and ‘Nihilism’ were the only two I kind of remember to any degree and even as I write this they are fading from my memory.

It should be noted that it’s not as if the band can’t play or lacks any kind of musical talent.  That isn’t the entire case here.  However, I think the songwriting is lacking.  It’s one thing to be able to play the double bass and another thing to play a double bass throughout an entire song with no variation.  The same can be said for the lyrics.  Sorrows Path seems to sing their songs in some kind of stream of consciousness with no choruses or catchiness.  Or if they had choruses I was already put in a coma from being uninterested and didn’t notice.

This band may have fans and I have heard other bands like this that do have a loyal following.  For me however, I think I will veer away from Sorrows Path and try to find a more happy trail.



Stavros Giannakos: Bass
Angelos Ioannidis: Vocals
Fotis Mountouris: Drums
Kostas Salomidis: Guitar
Giannis Tziligkakis: Guitar

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