NIFELHEIM: Multi-Camera Footage Of Gävle Performance

Multi-camera fan-filmed video footage of NIFELHEIM‘s March 28 performance at Maxim in Gävle, Sweden can be seen below (courtesy of Metalist908).

NIFELHEIM released its latest album, “Envoy of Lucifer”, in November 2007 via Regain Records.

NIFELHEIM in 2006 released a split EP with VULCANO via I Hate Records. NIFELHEIM‘s songs “Sepulcral Fornication” and “Raging Flames” were recorded at a Swedish studio in May 2006 and were described by NIFELHEIM guitarist Vengeance From Beyond (a.k.a. Sebastian Ramstedt; also in NECROPHOBIC) as “a total attack of satanic black metal.” He added that “this split [is] the true synergy of evil.”

NIFELHEIM‘s current lineup features former ENTOMBED drummer Peter Stjärnvind, who left the long-running Swedish metallers in order to concentrate on his membership in NIFELHEIM.

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