Music Review: Vallorch CD: Neverfade

Music Review: Vallorch

CD: Neverfade

Label: Moonlight Records

Available: Now

by: TJ Fowler



                YEA!!!  My first Folk Metal Review!  I have an appreciation for this genre even though I can’t say I would be called a disciple of it.  I have always thought the mixture of flutes, accordions and violins in metal music was a unique take on metal even though by all common thinking you would believe it would be totally absurd.  While some listeners I am sure think it is absurd I find the genre enjoyable for the most part as I like bands like Korpiklaani and BattleLore along with traditional folk bands.

So we come to Vallorch with their album ‘Neverfade’ blasting their way to me from Venezia, Italy.  Vallorch host all manner of folk instruments from bagpipes, violins, accordions and flutes along with three vocalists to offer a wide spectrum of emotions.  So right off the bat we have all the makings of what a Folk Metal Band should be…but do we have the songs?   Well my friends string up your mandolin and get ready to puff on your flute, if you don’t have a flute grab a friends flute and puff on his…oh wait…ANYWAY!

‘Neverfade’ has everything a Folk Metal fan would want here musical wise.  The folk instruments are very predominate and also very accessible and fun to listen to.  They really help make the songs stand out and be enjoyable.  The album is filled with catchy songs and memorable riffs to bang your head to or dance around a medieval campfire.  Take your pick.  I will say however the songs on the latter half of the album are the strongest as the first five or so tracks are bit slow to grow on me.  As for a stand out track I found ‘Leave a Whisper’ to be an EXCELLENT song both in terms of music and vocals and for me the best song on the album.

Speaking of the vocals, I feel they are good for the most part but in some songs I could tell they didn’t fit well, noticeably more with the female singer.  Sometimes her voice didn’t seem strong enough.  Overall though the vocals were fine and made the songs, if not enjoyable at least listenable.

If you are looking for a new folk Metal band to listen to, look no further than Vallorch’s ‘Neverfade’.  A fine addition to the Folk Metal genre that will satisfy your flute puffing fantasies…OH SHIT I DID IT AGAIN!

RATING: 3.5/5

Line Up:

Sara Tacchetto: Vocals, Bagpipe

Matteo Patuelli: Guitar, Scream, Growls

Leonardo Dalla Via: Bass, Scream, Clean Vocals

Marco Munari: Guitar

Massimo Benetazzo: Drums, Percussions

Martina Mezzalira: Violin

Demetrio Rampin: Bagpipe, Accordion, Tin and Low Whistles, Percussions, Glockenspiel, Mandola

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