Music Review: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved

Music Review: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved

CD: Self-Titled

Label: Svart Records

Available: Now

by: TJ Fowler

Official Facebook Page:


Victor Griffin used to be the guitarist in the doom metal band Pentagram back in the 80’s who are credited as being one of the creators of the doom metal genre.  Since that time it seems Griffin has kept himself busy with various projects including still being a member in Pentagram until last year.  Now we have his own project, ‘In-Graved’ he now graces us with.  Is it a doom metal album?  Is it a good album or a steaming pile of shit?  Can Victor Griffin sing?  Well read on for my earth shattering review!

I will admit I never had listened to Pentagram or really knew who Victor Griffin was until I listened to In-Graved for the first time yesterday.   I have to say I am really glad I did.  The album strikes me more as a classic rock album than a doom album in terms of overall sound.  There are definitely elements of doom here as most of the songs are mid paced and the subject matter of the songs tend to be a bit on the grim side, but it still strikes me more of a hard/classic rock type album with traces of Black Sabbath.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised by Victor’s vocals as they fit the music perfectly as they sounded like a rocker who has seen a lot of hard times through the years and they help fit the songs great.

There are several standout tracks to take note of here such as the opening track, ‘Digital Critic’ which starts the album off in a great way, with a more upbeat tempo and the strong yet soothing vocals of Griffin.  I will say though that my favorite track on the whole album is its closer, ‘Never Surrender’, which is totally different than any other track on the album and from the lyrics, it sounds like some personal tales from Victor himself and is also one of the catchiest tunes on the album and I could see it being used in a movie or a music video being made for it.  Actually I could see a lot of bands out there hearing it and picking it to cover.  Excellent song.

If you are fan of doom metal, classic rock or just good music in general you really can’t go wrong with In-Graved.  You have well written songs and great music to go with them.  Go out and grab the music if you can and enjoy some good music and Never Surrender!

RAITNG: 3.75/5

Line Up:

Victor Griffin – Guitar/Vocals (Death Row, Pentagram, Place of Skulls)
Pete Campbell – Drums (60 Watt Shaman, Place of Skulls)
Guy Pinhas – Bass (The Obsessed, Acid King, Goatsnake)
Jeff “Oly” Olson (Trouble, Retro Grave). 

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