Movie Review: Universal Dead (Short Film)

Out of the blue today I got an email request to review a short fifteen minute film called Universal Dead.  The email contained some info about the cast which, surprisingly, is filled with known and talented actors.  I say surprisingly because I just didn’t expect to see a little indie flick contain actors from Star Trek: Enterprise, Hellboy and Jericho.  But they got them and I saw all the better!

The film itself is set in a time period of 5 years after a Zombie Apocalypse where a member of the CDC is being transported to San Diego to view a presentation on what is supposed to be a new discovery on what makes the zombies, zombies.  The CDC guy claims it’s an infection while the physicist in San Diego claims…well let’s just say he claims it to be something I haven’t ever heard of before in a zombie flick.

Unless you have been under a rock for the past 10-15 years zombies have been going strong in popularity in our pop culture.  In fact they are one of the few things I have seen not really lose their popularity even for short attention span Americans.  So when I typically see a zombie flick, I enjoy them for the most part but I also do not expect a constant reinventing of the wheel.  With Universal Dead I have to say I was actually intrigued with the story presented here and very interested in the film.  The actors all do a splendid job with the exception of maybe the physicist guy.  Not that he was bad but he was a little cooky I guess but I guess all mad scientists should be.

I think Universal Dead is meant to be a test screener or whatever it would be called to pitch to studio execs to get a bigger budget to make a full length flick or show.  After what I saw, I really hope they get picked up by someone or at least get to finish what they started, as I found the story really kind of interesting even though a little bit out there too.  Even for a movie about walking dead.

If I had to say anything negative I would say the short film was too dark…as in not enough lighting.  I also think it may have been on purpose due to budget concerns so not a real knock on the film there.

So if you would like to see a new take on zombies, give Universal Dead a view.  It’s only fifteen minutes and if you like it try to show some support and maybe we can see the rest of what the story should be.

You can view the short below:

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