Music Review: Suncrown CD: Follow Your Dream

Music Review: Suncrown

CD: Follow Your Dream

Label: Independent

Available: Now

BY: TJ Fowler

Official Home Page:

                In my time I have heard good symphonic metal bands and in my time I have heard some really shitty symphonic metal bands.  Also, there are bands that cover the whole spectrum in between.  As it stands right now that’s where I feel Suncrown stands early in their career.

Suncrown’s debut album ‘Follow Your Dream’ contains your standard compliment of symphonic metal requirements.  You have a male singer, a female singer, the keyboards and even a flute player.  Unfortunately what we don’t have are many songs that really help define the band.  In Suncrown the male singer is featured more predominately than the female and in my opinion his vocal style seems a bit out of sync with the type of music to be presented here or maybe it’s more that he isn’t being utilized correctly.  This also seems to be the overall problem I have with the album as a whole.   It seems none of the musicians in Suncrown are used to their fullest potential and the album seems restrained or held back because of it.  On the album we really don’t have a REAL energetic or fast paced track that grabs the listener or even a slower tune that grabs the listener’s attention.  The closest we get to a fast track is the tune ‘Lone Ship’.  We also do not get to fully enjoy the female vocals on the album either.  There are spots where vocalist Juliana Furlani really shines with her excellent operatic vocals but they are more used as a side attraction than a showcase, which is unfortunate because she does have a nice set of vocals.

Suncrown are still very early in their career and I feel if they push the envelope a bit more they might be able to put out some good stuff.  As it stands right now I feel the band is still trying to find their musical footing and get a feel for what they want to do.  As I said earlier, I have heard much worse but if Suncrown wants to stand out in the metal community they need to continue working on their sound and songwriting a bit more.

RATING: 2.5/5

Line Up:

Darren Crisp – Vocals
Juliana Furlani – Vocals
Oleg Biblyi – Keyboards
Gustavo Bonfá – Guitar
Kevin Ellerby – Guitar
Ederson Prado – Bass guitar
Tim Zuidberg – Drums
Ugur Kerem Cemiloglu – Flute

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