Music Review: Deception EP: Break The Silence

Music Review: Deception

EP: Break The Silence

Label: Independent

Available: Now

Break The Silence cover art

I’m going to make a prediction here and I may have to eat my words later but I think I just listened to a band that could possibly be one of the next big names in the metal world.  I say this not to boost egos or anything but because I think with the band Deception they have all the right ingredients to be that next big metal band.  I will also add I have just a few caveats to my bold prediction which I will get to in a moment.

Listening to Deception’s 4 track EP ‘Break the Silence’ I was immediately blown away by the very aggressive and (mostly)well arranged guitar work along with the excellent Phil Anselmo styled vocals.  The first track ‘Break the Silence’ and the third track ‘Fragile’ are both very strong songs with catchy guitar parts and vocals.  It’s evident the band has the parts and tools it needs to gain success and have a nice musical career.  Which leads me to my caveats…

The band, while have the right things in place, I feel needs a few things to fall into place just bit to get the overall sound they need.  Listening to ‘Break the Silence’ I felt there were just a few things that were slightly ‘off’.  One being maybe the production.  Sometimes it seemed that the vocals were too much in the front of the sound other times it seemed like everything was too separated from each other or didn’t quite fit correctly together.  I want to stress, this is not a deal breaker and something that can be easily fixed.  At times though, it almost felt that the singer didn’t fit with the guitars and vice versa.  The one other thing I will point out, for me, is the way the singer completes a verse or a line of a song.  This may seem a bit of a strange critique but many times as the singer was coming to an end of a verse I was expecting him to hold the note or to the say the word longer to really give me that extra emotional punch to the gut.  Many times however it seemed he sang the words too fast and let go parts of the song that would REALLY blow away the listener.

I know the above critiques seem a bit minor but I feel also they merit some attention and could be what separates Deception from the glory they deserve.  I only offer this opinion because I hear something very special in Deception and would hate for such a band to miss out on the opportunities they deserve.

Anyone out there reading this, please, give Deception a listen.  They are good.  Very good.  I just think they need a few tweaks and then everything hopefully will fall into place.

Listen to the EP HERE


Break The Silence

Bury the Sinners


Make a Deal With the Reaper

Line up:

Daniel Färninger – Vocals
Peter Engström – Guitar
Oscar Petterson – Guitar
Fredrik Färninger – Bass
Markus Norlén – Drums


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