Music Review: Jess and the Ancient Ones EP: Astral Sabbat

Music Review: Jess and the Ancient Ones

EP: Astral Sabbat

Label: Svart Records

Available: Now



                I’m a bit late to party here as this EP has been out for about month and that I haven’t got to listen to Jess and the Ancient Ones’ debut album either.  I figured though, since the band is from the city of Kuopio I am currently residing in I would give the EP a listen and see what I thought.

Is there such a thing as Hippie Metal?  Actually I’m not sure if what I heard on ‘Astral Sabbat’ would be considered metal but I would consider it a very well done EP that is VERY occult and VERY 60’s psychedelic themed and oriented.  I have never been a fan of the music from the 1960’s along with the pretentiousness of the musicians from the time.  However with Jess and the Ancient Ones I found myself enjoying the three songs on the EP even though the ‘Long and Lonesome Road’ track is a cover tune and not an original track.

It’s refreshing to see bands going back to earlier sounds from music and not get caught up in the politics of the time period like many bands from the 60’s did.  If you are a fan of the psychedelic 60’s and the music from the time period but don’t want to hear a lot of politics in the music then Jess and the Ancient Ones new EP ‘Astral Sabbat’ is for you.  You have the majestic and ethereal female vocals that will take you on mystic and strange voyages the excellent music helps create here.  What you have here is a very well rounded and talented band that know what they are doing and how to write good songs.

If you get the chance, check out ‘Astral Sabbat’.  The only thing to be disappointed about is that there isn’t more songs to listen to.


Jess – Vocals
Thomas Corpse – Lead guitar
Thomas Fiend – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Von Stroh – Rhythm guitar
Fast Jake – Bass guitar
Abraham – Keyboard
Yussuf – Drums & percussion


Astral Sabbat

Long and Lonesome Road

More Than Living

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