Interview with Germany’s Intöxicated…fun times indeed.

Skullbanger: First off hello from Kuopio, Finland and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for!  So guys, Intöxicated.  What’s up…tell me and the rest of the internet about yourselves because I have no clue who you are other than dirty rock and rollers!

Löuie: Salutes and Prost from Osnabrück, Germany! I am Löuie, the singer of Intöxicated.
We are four good old friends and started the band in 2009. Besides me there is Äc on drums, Teme on guitar and Jackhammer on the bass. After one demo and one rehearsal tape, some gigs in Germany and Belgium, thousand fuckloads of whisky and beer we have finally recorded our debut album in 2012 which will come out in the next months via Hells Headbangers Records on Vinyl  & Cd format.

Äc: Cheers! Like Löuie said, we are a four good friends, who just wanted to form a band. In the beginning, we played more Punk/Thrash , but later, we decided, that this dirty stuff fits better to us and our lifestyle.

Skullbanger: Well guys I mentioned in my review of your debut album, ‘Rock N Roll Hellpatrol’ that you made me feel dirty and that I needed a scalding, hot shower to wash my shame away.  Tell me, what influences do you guys draw from to make such a raw and ugly sound that works so well?  For me as a listener, I instantly thought of Venom in terms of production and sound.  Though I know from your bio it states other influences you have.

Löuie: I think it just came naturally. This is the only way to express our thoughts and ideas musically. We never had in mind to be a Venom-clone or that we have to sound like this and that. Influences came from everywhere, our personal lives are the main source for the ideas behind Intöxicated. My personal influences came from Little Richard and Eddie Cochran in the fifties over the MC5, alcohol, western & horror movies to Motörhead, Judas Priest, Venom, Warfare, Razor, Exciter…to name just a few. The good old stuff, where there was only Rock ‘n Roll or fuck off. Not those thousands of subgenres… Sure your favorites stuck with you and they gave a special flavor to it all but we never limited ourselves in such borders. When I listen to one of them for me it’s more inspirational that no one ever sounded like them before. More bands should think in that way or soon we will have thousands of rip-off bands.

Äc: You have to take a hot shower, after seeing us live, dude, haha. I would say, that our influences just came from bands we’ve listened to for years, but without the intention to copy them. My personal influences are bands like Motörhead, Sodom, Mötley Crüe and stuff. I think, we have our own style, just call it Slutanic Speed Metal!

Skullbanger: Talking a little more about your debut album, what can you tell the readers out there what they can expect from ‘Rock N roll Hellpatrol’ and what are some of your favorite tracks?

Löuie: You can expect 9 tracks which will turn you like an overdose injection into utter drunkeness, give you the best orgasm you‘ve ever had, shaking your balls like a V2 engine to hell and back into the next strip pub. I really have no favorite tracks because every song has its own meaning to me. I just have favorite parts and I think in the end we produced a good variety of songs, no song really sounds like the other.

Äc: I have two favorites, ‘Crush your local Disco’ and ‘Suffering for Love’. ‘Crush your local Disco’ just fucks my brain, no technical riffing, no solo, just fast, raw and straight to the point and I think ‘Suffering for Love’ is my second favorite, because Löuie and I sing it together. I like how it changes from phrase to phrase.

Skullbanger: So with any new band touring is usually an important part after or right before an album release.  What can you tell us about any touring plans?  Finland perhaps? Any certain countries you would like to tour?

Löuie: Sadly we have no touring plans at the moment. But we hope that our debut album will be the key. We are more like a good insider tip now, haha. I really wish to play in Scandinavia one day. But we are open to anything as long as they have a good crowd and alcohol. But hey! Just contact us if you are interested in us.

Äc: There are no certain countries, we want to play. I just can say, what Löuie said, as long as there’s a good crowd and a lot of alcohol, we would play anywhere, haha.

Skullbanger: In regards to touring, who would be some bands you would like to tour with?

Löuie: To be realistic and not mention the biggest bands or bands which aren’t already dead, I would say bands like Midnight, Trench Hell or Baphomet’s Blood would fit very well.

Skullbanger: Tell us a bit about your label.  Hells Headbangers.  I notice they seem to deal more in the Black Metal Genre of bands and while you guys have touches of that in your music I wouldn’t call you Black Metal.  Have they been a good label for you and support you well?

Löuie: Hells Headbangers is an underground Black/Death Label & Distro mainly. I always enjoyed their works with bands like Cultes des Ghoules, Beherit, Armour, Midnight and so on. Yes, they have been very friendly to us and I can’t thank them enough to make this all possible!

Skullbanger: Ok time for a serious question.  Metal Porno Sluts.  Who are they and where do I find them.

Löuie: They are everywhere, believe me. Good hunting! And never forget “the chase is better than the catch”

Äc: Haha, no words needed!

Skullbanger: I am originally from a small town in Tennessee called Jamestown.  We have several claims to fame Mark Twain’s father used to own most of the land there, America’s World War I hero Alvin C. York is from the area.  Also, Tennessee has some significant personalities and things as well as a whole.  Jack Daniels and Elvis.  If you were to do an Elvis cover song…which would it be?  How do you like your Jack?

Löuie: Wow, you’re lucky! Plus Tarantino & Cash of course. Now that’s an interesting question which you don’t hear every day. It would be “One Night” from Elvis to not bring out a song you usually hear like “Jailhouse Rock”, “Hound Dog”, “Heartbreak Hotel” and so on. But they‘re all good for drinking. 100% approved by me!
I like my Jack just on the rocks. For a Whisky/Coke better take a cheaper one or you will castrate the taste.

Äc:  I always drink my jack with ice cold coke. I personally don’t like pure Whisky that much.

Skullbanger:  Ok I think I need another shower to cleanse my soul but before we go what would you like to tell the readers out there?  Any parting words of wisdom?

Löuie: Thanks for your support since 4+ years, steal or buy or album, we hope to terrorize your town soon!
Trust no one and live like there’s no tomorrow, amen.

Äc: Keep drinking, partying and bitchin’! Always give your best, go to work and spend your money  for alcohol and women. That’s all, you need!

Skullbanger:  Thanks again guys and hope the touring starts soon!

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