Exclusive interview with Cara McCutchen Lead Singer of Mortillery!

Cara McCutchen lead singer of Edmonton, Canada’s Mortillery was kind enough to sit and answer some questions about her band Mortillery, their future plans and herself.  Read below for the interview!

Skullbanger: First off hello from Kuopio, Finland!   Second, I want to say thank you for taking the time to answer some questions forSkullbanger.net .   I guess we can start off by asking if you can tell us a bit about your self and the Mortillery band?   What brought all you thrashers together?

Cara: My name is Cara. I’m the singer for Mortillery. We are a thrash metal band from Edmonton, Canada. Thrash metal is really what brought us all together Because there are not many people from here That want to play that style of metal. 

Skullbanger: Let’s talk a bit about your new album ‘Origin of Extinction. ”   You sound angry Cara, very angry!    Did someone piss in your cereal?   The band sounds great with your anger.   I love the drums and the guitar work and how your voice sounds like it fits right in.   What can you tell us about the album and the bands frame of mind writing it?   It has such a raw sound like all the bands from the early 80’s Which I think sounds great but has been lost for a long time.

Cara: I hope no one went near my cereal! haha. We actually all had a very positive frame of mind when we were writing this album.Same as murder death kill. We are all just so thrilled to be playing the music we love That and That it is being played all over the world. I know the lyrics are angry but most metal lyrics are I guess. 

Skullbanger: Touching is a bit more of the sound you guys have, like the early metal bands, I notice you have played shows with Skullfist Which I was fortunate enough to see in the Czech Republic last year.   Bothan I think you have such a raw , aggressive and energetic sound.   I guess the question is, Canada is starting to Produce more classic sounding bands or are you two the exception?   And how was it doing shows with Skullfist?   I met Casey from Skullfist in Czech and they seemed like a cool guy.

Cara: Casey is the man! I think music in general will always rollercoaster itself. There will be bands That want to be the next new sound, there will be bands That want to keep the old school sound alive, and everything in between. We have for decided That this is our natural progression of sound and we would not be comfortable doing anything else. Playing with SKULL FIST is always a party, That band works harder than anyone I know and is off the stage, but the best part is having Them stay in our place When they’re in town!


Skullbanger:  I Mentioned in my review of ‘Origin of Extinction’ that your voice sounded like someone I have heard sing before but was Unable to recollect a similar singer, with Bobby Blitz from Overkill seeming the closest.   Not Because You sound like a dude I want to add … but It seems you have a very unique voice while you also have elements from various other singers Which I think is a good thing.   finally I went crazy Trying to figure you out.   (Like I do with most women) So can you tell us what singers you have the most Admired and the ones you have looked to for inspiration / Admiration?

Cara: Thank you! My two favorite singers are Sebastian Bach and Kai Hansen. Some bands That have really inspired me are Grim Reaper, Halloween, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Exodus and Exciter. 

Skullbanger:  What can you tell us about the Influences the other band members draw from?   I hear a bit of what sounded like Lombardo type drumming on some of your songs.

Cara: We all listen to lots of different music, of course in thrash we find our common ground. I think the ways That Influences come out are kind of subconsciously. I mean no one sits there and tries to “be like” or “imitate” styles. That being said, the Majority of our Influences come from 80’s metal and punk. The obvious being early Metallica, Overkill, Anthrax, Détente, GBH, Wolfpack, etc. Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of black metal so you may hear some of That in the next album.


Skullbanger: What can you tell us about Mortillery’s immediate plans for touring?   Any European dates in the works?   Finland would be nice haha.

Cara: We would love to be over there right now! But we understand we’re still a new band. We need to work a few things out and be well prepared so That when we finally make it to Europe, our tour can be a success. But believe us, touring Europe is our main priority right now!


Skullbanger: What is your Hopes for Mortillery in the near and long term future?   Any big things on the horizon you can tell us about?

Cara: Aside from preparing to tour in the near future, we have recently finished filming our first music video! We’re really excited about this, it Should be released sometime late march 2013, we wont say what song it is so you’ll Have To keep an eye open for this one! We have started a new Pre-owned Which album will be available some time next year. 


Skullbanger: Let’s shift gears a bit.   ‘ll list three things and tell me what Comes to mind or what you prefer.

Cara: 1)      Dream band you would like to tour with? Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Anthrax, Death Angel. The list Could go on forever. 

              2)      Singer you would like to sing a duet with? Kai Hansen or Sebastian Bach Because I could learn so much from Them. 

               3)      Since I am originally from Tennessee, if Mortillery were to do a cover of an Elvis song, Which would it be? Jail house rock!!

Skullbanger: Well I guess we can wrap things up here.   Is there anything you want to tell the fans out there?   famous Any parting words or inspirational speeches war?

Cara: We really want to thank everyone who has listened to our music and who has spread the word about Mortillery! Cheers from Canada! We hope to see you all in the pit!

SkullBanger: Thank you Cara!  ‘Origin of Extinction’ is available now from Napalm Records.  Go out and buy it now!

Official Mortillery Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mortillery?fref=ts

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