A non-Metal Music Review: Happy Ol’McWeasel CD: No Offence

A non-Metal Music Review: Happy Ol’McWeasel

CD: No Offence

Available: NOW

                I was recently contacted by Caravan Music Promotions asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of artists for them.  One was, well I’m not sure what it was but it was definitely not for me.  The other was a Celtic punk band from Slovenia who are supposed to be similar to the Dropkick Murphys  and Flogging Molly, while also having a old world music charm and feel to their music.

So even though not metal, I told Caravan I would look into the Happy Ol’McWeasel…which for a first time…is not a nickname I have given my dick.  So did ‘No Offence’ make my Little McWeasel happy?  It sure did!

First off, the only Slavic musician I know of is Michal David from the Czech Republic…this is no Michal David my friends.  If you like Irish Folk, fast paced songs, good humor, catchy sing along songs and drinking…or just good music, look no further than Happy Ol’McWeasel.  On their album, ‘No Offence’ you have 10 great tunes that would fit in at any pub gathering and drinking party.

The opening track ‘No Offence’ gets things going with a catchy banjo and punk rock guitars…then the vocals come in and just make you want to sing along and raise your glasses to give a cheer to all your friends.  All this with the Celtic/Irish folk sound found throughout.

As with the opening track ‘No Offence’, the songs that follow are fun filled and energetic tunes that you would be hard pressed NOT to like.  They are just infectious and makes you want sing along and have fun.  There is even a song named ‘Hairy Grizzly’ I think is named after some bitch I used to work with but it’s such a fun song I will have to find another nickname for her now.

There are even some slower paced songs like ‘Foggy Dew’ and ‘Still in the League’ to mix things up a bit but for the most part with ‘No Offence’ you are going to get highly energetic, fun, punk/Celtic music from a very talented band that Slovenia should be proud to have represent them.  I’m from Tennessee and lived close to the Appalachian Mountains where folk music has some deep roots and I wish they came from my home state so I could brag about them.

I hope Happy Ol’Mcweasel goes far as they are a very talented group and have the makings of a band that should achieve what their talent deserves.

So even though not a metal album, I am still happy I gave ‘No Offence’ a listen.  I’m going to give the album high marks based on sheer fun and good songwriting.  After all isn’t that what music should be about?  Raise your glasses for Happy Ol’McWeasel!

RATING: 4.5/5

Official Website: http://www.happyolmcweasel.com/

Line Up:

Gregor Jancic – Vocals
Primož Zajsek – Accordion
Martin Bezjak – Viola
Tine Trapecar – Acc.Guitar, Banjo
Aleš Pisotek – El.Guitar
Bine Zorko – Bass
Aleš Voglar – Drums

4 thoughts on “A non-Metal Music Review: Happy Ol’McWeasel CD: No Offence”

  1. Great review – I just don’t understand what reference has the Slovak musician at the start of the review with Slovenian band 😀 two different countries alltogether 😉

    1. Haha thanks for the feedback. Well I know or thought that Czech and Slovenia are Slavic in terms of language and both are considered Slavic countries and share Slavic history…and the only other Slavic musician I know of is Michal David..even though from another country but still Slavic?

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