Music Review: Year of the Goat CD: Angels’ Necropolis

Music Review: Year of the Goat

CD: Angels’ Necropolis

Label: Van Records

Available: Now


If Anton Lavey and Charles Manson had a soundtrack to recruit new initiates with, I believe Year of the Goat’s ‘Angels’ Necropolis’ would be that soundtrack.  Filled with a late 60’s, early 70’s psychedelic sound, lyrics focusing on the occult, mysticism and spiritualism prevalent of those time periods, the trance like and soothe, cult leader like vocals of Thomas Sabbathi and you have ‘Angels’ Necropolis’.  This album could very easily fit into such a time period of music alongside bands like Blue Oyster Cult in terms of all the spiritualistic and cult themes prevalent in the album and with the song “Spirits of Fire” there is definitely a Blue Oyster Cult feel to music as well.

I was also surprised to find several tracks on ‘Angels’ Necropolis’ to hit around the 10+ minute mark, though I think for what they are singing about along with the style of the music, serves the band well here.  Though for my own personal taste I thought one or two went on a little long.  I happened to find the shorter tunes a bit more to my tastes, such as the great “Spirits of Fire”, along with “This Will Be Mine” and “I’ll Die For You”.

Year of the Goat reminds me of a band that when you hear their music and read their lyrics you can almost believe they practice what they sing, which again is indicative of the music from the 60’s and 70’s, where some listeners and makers of the music of that time really did delve deep into the occult.

Year of the Goat has a good thing going here with ‘Angels’ Necropolis’ and really tapped into the time period of music where there were strange things happening at the fringes of acceptable and normal society and if you dared to take a peek into the outskirts at that time, you might have been swallowed by the abyss that was shown to you by some cult leader bent on controlling others and disappeared into his van travelling across country picking up naïve kids.  I refuse to blame music or others for other peoples’ actions, but let’s hope some nut job out there doesn’t need another Helter Skelter for their crazy followers to listen to.

Otherwise, let’s listen to Year of the Goat’s excellent ‘Angels’ Necropolis’ and have a great night of Occult worship and naked women!  Venom would be proud.

Rating: 3.75/5

Band Members:

Thomas Sabbathi vocals, guitar
Per Broddesson guitar
Don Palmroos guitar
Fredrik Hellerström drums
Tobias Resch bass
Mikael Popovic mellotron,vocal

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