Music Review: RavenLord CD: Descent To The Underworld

Music Review: RavenLord

CD: Descent To The Underworld

Label: Mausoleum Records

Availability: NOW


                The first think I have to say about Ravenlord is this.  I had not heard of lead guitarist Joe Stump before this album but how he is not more of a known name in the metal community is a mystery to me.  The man has got the chops and the shred ability to walk into any band in the power metal/ classical influenced genre and take over any lead duties handed to him.

I will say this, Joe Stump’s guitar work is the lynch pin that holds this band together along with the great and gritty vocals of Csaba Zvekan who gives a sound of credibility and an edge to their sound.

Some of the songs where Joe Stump’s great guitar work really show are in the songs ‘Promised Land’ and ‘Settle the Score’ where you will hear some great guitar lead work and blazing speed that any fan of power metal or classical style guitar work will appreciate.

As for the songs themselves the opening tune, ‘The Rebel’ showcases a nice catchy tune, with Zvekan’s vocals sounding nice here, and again the great guitar work all bringing the song together to a memorable tune.  The same can also be said for the track, ‘Settle the Score’.

The rest of the songs on the album are all well done, though I wished we had more ‘catchy’ hooks and choruses to sing along to, to help give the listener something to identify with.  The songs by no means are bad and are arranged well but like I said earlier the guitar work of Stump is going to be the element that listeners here are going to notice here and attach to.  The man is phenomenal in his playing style and ability.

On the down side,what I noticed on ‘Descent To The Underworld’ that I didn’t care for, and this is a personal preference, is that the production seems very clean and polished with a drum sound that sounds almost like a machine(even though the band lists they have a drummer).  I know for the guitar work we hear here the clean and polished sound is kind of the point but also I notice a trend in metal music these days that the music can be so over produced that it can seem sterile.  Thankfully to Zvekan’s vocals he helps mitigate this problem a bit on Ravenlord’s ‘Descent to The Underworld’ and gives the songs a dirty and rough edge metal should have.

By no means pass up Ravenlord’s debut album ‘Descent To The Underworld’.  You have a talented singer complimented buy a great guitarist who have produced an album that fits nicely into the metal scene we have today and Ravenlord should have a nice future ahead of them.  If anything give ‘Descent To The Underworld’ a listen purely on the merits of Joe Stump’s excellent guitar work because you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 3/5


Csaba Zvekan– Vocals

Joe Stump– Lead Guitars

George Karafotis – Guitars

Jamie Mallender– Bass

Alessandro Duo – Keyboards

Lawrence “Larry” Paterson–Drums

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